Workers’ Compensation

Injured workers face a legal system that involves complicated legal statutes and rules that govern workers’ compensation, so it is important that an injured employee hire an attorney. In fact, many employees are unaware of their legal rights. Risch Law Firm will ensure that your workers’ compensation rights are protected. We understand the details of the law and our mission is to put your needs and concerns first.

On-the-job injuries can mean long periods of work without regular wages. Risch Law Firm understands that a steady income is a necessity and that an injury may require costly medical treatment. We take charge of claims focusing on lost wages, medical bills, and aggressively advocate for recommended medical treatment.

The employee usually has the right to treatment with a doctor of their choosing, but one of the most common errors that employers make is instructing an injured employee to seek treat with their “company doctor.”

The Minnesota workers’ compensation system is a confusing maze of rules and statues. Risch Law Firm will provide the expertise to navigate your rights within complicated laws. We have years of experience defending a multitude of claims.

Risch Law Firm will handle every aspect of your claim so you can concentrate on recovery and other matters. We ensure that your claim moves forward in a timely manner and expedite the investigative process and the resolution of your claim. We make sure you understand the process and that we obtain the maximum compensation for your claim.


We care about the outcome of your case as much as you do. If we are unable obtain compensation for you, we collect no fee. Call for a free consultation: 952-484-9432.