Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one through the negligence and carelessness of another party is emotionally draining. Dealing with a wrongful death claim while grieving is painful, confusing and complicated.

When someone is lost because someone has been careless or negligent, the family may be able to receive compensation for loss of companionship or for economic damages. A court appointed trustee, who is usually a family member of the deceased, files the wrongful death claim.

Risch Law Firm understands the sensitive and complex circumstances associated with the loss of a loved one. We will handle your case in a caring, yet aggressive manner in order to obtain maximum compensation.

We will handle your case to ensure your legal rights and best interests are protected so you can focus on other matters. We will handle every aspect of the case, from contacting the insurance company to investigating the facts and evidence. We assure you of diligent and effective handling of your claim through careful communication, investigation, and attention to detail.

We ensure that your claim moves forward in a timely manner and expedite the investigative process and the resolution of your claim. We make sure you understand the process and that we obtain the maximum compensation for your claim.


We care about the outcome of your case as much as you do. If we are unable obtain compensation for you, we collect no fee. Call for a free consultation: 952-484-9432.